Listing Image sizes

When creating a listing there are many areas that you can add images and videos. This guide shows you the main ones and the recommended sizes for the best possible look and feel of your listing. These sizes are a guide and may vary depending on your image and the size of screen that it is viewed on.


When creating an image on Funeral Directions there are three types that you have to understand and need to focus on to create the best possible listing that will be read well and convert for you. Creating the first impression is important:

  • • Logo
  • • Cover Image
  • • Gallery

One thing to bear in mind when adding images on Funeral Directions is that our site has been created to be responsive. This means that we have done everything within our power for all images to be size depending on the size of screen viewed on; from a TV down to a small mobile phone. Trying to ensure that your image is perfect on every screen is tough. In most cases your images (logo or cover) and be any size due to the responsive nature of the site but our recommendations will keep you in the correct ranges. The following guides and sizes will give you the best possible chance to show up well on every one.

Logos (Listing or Profile)

The logo is set-up the same way as most social media platforms. The logo sits inside a circle that is displayed on your business listing page, search result card and in your author/profile page. These are important as they represent your business and keep your branding synonymous – just as you would anywhere else online.

Recommended size for logo is 250px x 250px

Ensure that your logo fits within the safe area and doesn’t spill out of the circle, the same way that you would on any social platform. We would recommend having the same background colour of your logo across the whole square but within the centre should be where your logo sits.

Cover image

The cover image is the next most important image to consider as this is shown as the main image ‘above the fold’ on your listing page as well as on the search card. The aspect ratio and way that they show up on both does vary depending on the screen size and shape but following our guide will give you the best possible chance to show correctly.

Recommended size for cover image is 1024px width x 683px height

Ensure that anything you want to display fits within the safe area as this is the ‘prime real estate’ that will show on every screen. Anything outside of this maybe shown but depends on the size of screen viewed on. Think YouTube and you will understand that what is shown on a TV sized screen and Phone is vastly different.

Gallery images

Gallery images are the easiest to deal with. They can be any size, shape or aspect ratio. They will open in screen depending. While all should show fine we recommend using a Landscape (16:9), Portrait (9:16) or Square image (1:1). The file type should be JPEG or PNG. These styles will open and be able to be viewed well on any device.