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Funeral Planning Guide

A guide for those planning funerals and making arrangements after the loss of a loved one.

A free platform for helping & guiding you during a difficult time

Funeral Planning across the UK

When a loved one passes there are many elements that you will need to consider.  Funeral Directions is in place to support you and your family.  Our site offers access to resources and information as well as a built in directory to help you search companies that are experienced with these delicate times.

Resources & Guides

Across our site you will find a collection of resources, information & elements to help you navigate this difficult time.

Business Directory

Built into our site we have included a directory that links individuals and families with suitable suppliers to help.

Online Guided Process

Follow our guided process of what to do when someone dies including links and contacts to relevant contacts.

Memorial Legacy pages

Our site also includes the ability to post a Memorial Legacy page for your loved one. You can also include Funeral/Wake details.



Estate Management


Bereavement & Grief

Funeral Directions

Funeral Planning, Planning ahead and Estate Administration

- Established in 2008 -

Our platform is for individuals and families that need to make detailed arrangements for the loss of a loved one.  With between 50 and 90 separate decisions to make when planning a funeral and estate administration, Funeral Directions can help you.

Funeral Directions is designed to reduce the emotional toll on family members and guide them during this process.

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What to do when someone dies

Knowing what to do when someone dies can be overwhelming. We have put together an online guide to walk you through the process.

Arranging or Planning a Funeral

When you arrange a Funeral there are many ways you can do it which is unique to your loved one. Follow our guides and use our site to plan a funeral service.

Funeral Services

There are many choices when it comes to organising a funeral.  Explore the different options available to you.

What to do after death

View our guides that shows you the elements and timelines you need to think about and consider when someone dies.


There are many ways to help remember someone who has passed.  There are a variety of different ways to achieve this.

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Estate Management


Bereavement & Grief

Bereavement & Grief Support

Losing a loved one can very hard to understand and deal with, Visit our resources or information for help and support.

Bereavement & Grief

Explore different charities and organisations that can help you deal with loss and moving forward.


View our guides that shows you the elements and timelines you need to think about and consider when someone dies.


Visit our directory to see what local help and assistance is available to you on a local level.

Planning a Funeral

Planning your funeral for when the time comes or whether you have lost someone, everything can be a little overwhelming. Our online process will help you cover everything so you don’t miss anything.

Do you have some questions?

Funeral Directions is made to be a self-serve service for individuals and families to find their way through a sensitive time.  Guided processes to find all of the elements and things you need to do and consider. References, Articles and Resources all at the click of a button. 

If you do need some additional assistance please feel free to contact us.

Are you a Business or Charity? Got an event coming up? Or looking to add a legacy page?

Learn more on the links below of how to get involved and get started on Funeral Directions






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