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Jul 11
The Importance of Timely Will writing: A Heart-Wrenching Lesson

by Viv King Financial Advocate A few weeks ago, I received an urgent call from a good friend and client while I was doing my shopping in Waitrose, just down the vegetable aisle! The call was regarding a close friend of my client, let’s call him Stephen, who had been suddenly diagnosed with inoperable cancer […]

May 15
What Happens to Your Pension After You Die?

Many people wonder what happens to their pension savings when they pass away. is here to shed light on this topic with the help and all credit to retirement expert Sean Young from Standard Life. So, what does happen to my pension when I die? Contrary to a common misconception, your pension provider doesn’t […]

Apr 11
Funeral Attendance Across Generations: Bereavement Support for Young Adults

Funerals serve as milestones in our lives, marking moments of loss, remembrance, and communal support. Understanding the age at which individuals attend their first adult funeral gives us an insight into how different generations navigate experiences of grief and mortality. A recent Linkedin study suggests that it’s crucial to move away from the misconception that […]

Mar 12
Become an author…….. Help us, to help you, help them

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Mar 05
Even in farewells, there’s room for individuality and a touch of joy.

Green’s Carriage Masters, an independent family-run business based in Southeast London, offer a diverse range of services to the funeral trade nationwide, operating one of the largest privately owned fleets of vehicles in the country. As a trusted supplier to numerous funeral directors across the UK, they’re renowned for their expertise and dedication. **These vehicles […]

Feb 29
Funeral Directions Review – Harbour View

Crematorium and Woodland Burial Ground, Lytchett Minster, DorsetTapper Funeral Service – Steve Richards, Celebrant A Haven of Peace and RespectHaving recently attended the funeral of a great friend here, I wanted to congratulate Tapper Funeral Directors, for the excellent service and setting and Steve Richards, celebrant, officiating the ceremony . Harbour View truly is a […]

Feb 05
The Problem with a Power of Attorney!

A crucial piece of advice is missing from professional guidance surrounding the Finance and Property Power of Attorney (POA) use. While POAs are meant to offer peace of mind and assistance, a significant roadblock can arise during emergencies. Financial institutions, particularly banks can take up to 10 days to recognise appointed Attorneys, even with a […]

Jan 05
Death, Grief and Practicalities

For many in their late forties and early fifties, the loss of a parent becomes a stark reality. Data tells us roughly half will lose their father, and a third their mother, during this stage of life.This loss can be particularly profound, often coinciding with the peak of a demanding career and vast business experience. […]

Oct 25
The Practical Aspects of Bereavement: Don’t miss out on the potential value an unused car might hold.

When your partner leaves behind an unused car, it can feel like a heavy burden during a period of grief. But what you might not know is that you could be eligible for a car tax rebate, and many are unaware of just how much their vehicle is worth. Recent research has shed light on […]