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Funeral Directions collates all information for any religions.  The information is more generic but can be used for any Religious Funeral.

Funeral Directions have no affiliates or ties to any companies on the site and recommends that you do your own due diligence and checks before using any companies, as you would in any other situation.

This is why Funeral Directions exists.  We have bought together as much information as we can to guide you in the best way.  Our online guided tool also will help take the stress from the whole process so you can just follow allow and check off each element so you know everything has been covered.

No, Funeral Directions is free and always will be.  There is no cost to access the information or use our Directory.

Choosing a company to work with can be hard, especially if you have to make a quick decision.  Our advice is to check that the company is reputable, for example, whether they are part of any trade associations.  Look at reviews, ask families and friends these can help to point you in the right direction.  Overall you need to feel comfortable with your decision and that you have chosen correctly.

Organising a Funeral can be difficult and overwhelming.  There are many ways to organise a Funeral.  You can deal direct with a Funeral Director who can help cover all elements or do it yourself.  The way you can pay for Funeral plans can be on a case by case basis or a pre-planned package.  Our site can guide you through that.  Whichever you choose would depend on your circumstances and there are pro's and con's for both.  Hopefully looking through our site and the related information it can help you to decide.


Funeral Directions is in place to benefit the end user, although there are some great benefits for Businesses.

Your business links directly into our on-site directory.  We have created an online process that customers can follow and then select the relevant companies along the way.  There is no need for them to scan the internet for the right people.  

Your Business listing will give you the ability to include all of the relevant information about not only your business but your products and services.  It also offers the ability for customers to connect directly with you so you can help.  With communication coming from Funeral Directions you will also be understanding and aware that they are dealing with a very difficult time and be respectful of this.

  • - Webpage Listing
  • - Direct messaging tools
  • - Full company information
  • - Events
  • - Lots more features & benefits

You can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime from within your dashboard.  There are no contracts or minimum periods.  You are in control.  Once you cancel or pause your subscription your listing will be removed from the site.

Our basic price is suitable for a single business.  We also offer a package for businesses with multiple listings.  If you are a larger group and need a more 'Enterprise' level of access we can help with that.  Contact us through the contact page and we will discuss a custom package to cover your requirements.

No.  We would love to offer a free listing but we don't at this time.  

Why not?

We don't offer a free listing as there is little value in the basic information.  Funeral Directions is in place to offer the maximum value for end users but with the more information added for a business listing the more storage and cost it take to run.  Free listings do not give the best information or showcase companies in the best way.  We want that to happen and be the best for end users and businesses alike.

Our aim for Funeral Directions is to offer a simple service for the end user making a difficult time, easier.  The elements we are offering for users and businesses offer great value for both sides.  The key part of the site is information.  For this reason we have ensured that the cost to businesses is the lowest it can be, the low cost means that just one purchase from Funeral Directions will pay for itself for one month, in many cases one purchase can cover the annual cost.  This benefits you as well as the end user.

In the UK the average mortality rate is around 10,000 per week.  Funeral Directions allows those dealing with death the ability to directly connect with businesses to help during this process.

You can find out more on our Pricing page.  Our current starting price is £5.99 per month.  We also offer a package for multiple sites or can offer an Enterprise package if required.

It is up to you.  Our directory shows the businesses in a local region.  The packages start with single business location in mind.  You could add your multiple locations within your listing but they will not show up in those locations.  If you have multiple locations, we suggest a listing for each one so that they show up regionally depending on the search criteria.

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