Crematorium and Woodland Burial Ground, Lytchett Minster, Dorset
Tapper Funeral Service
– Steve Richards, Celebrant

A Haven of Peace and Respect
Having recently attended the funeral of a great friend here, I wanted to congratulate Tapper Funeral Directors, for the excellent service and setting and Steve Richards, celebrant, officiating the ceremony .

Harbour View truly is a haven of peace and respect during a difficult time for families. The moment you arrive, you’re struck by the beauty of the rolling countryside and the peacefulness of the ancient woodland – a world away from the pressures of daily life.

The setting, with the distant view of Poole Harbour gave a personalised memorial that perfectly reflected the life of this treasured gentleman, a one-time fisherman and respected captain.

Harbour Lodge provided a warm and intimate setting for the ceremony led by the Celebrant, Steve Richards. Steve’s words were delivered with sincerity, some humour, and a perfect knowledge of the dearly departed. The rustic log-cabin style seamlessly blended with the surroundings, promoting a sense of comfort and familiarity. Harry, the funeral director was significant in his overseeing of the proceedings and in keeping with the environment was wearing a delightful green tweed three-piece suit and beautifully polished brown brogues, it totally suited the occasion.

One detail that especially stood out was the generous time allotted for the service, allowing time to reflect and share memories without feeling rushed to leave. It’s these thoughtful touches that truly set places like Harbour View apart.

The exit of the coffin to its final resting place unfolded in an unexpected but dignified manner, and where a traditional hearse would have been obtrusive, the extended green garden “buggy” slipped away behind a hill as we all watched.

I can’t remember a more uplifting observance of a life well lived and I recommend Harbour View to anyone seeking a peaceful and natural setting for a funeral or remembrance service. It offers a sanctuary where you can focus on healing and celebrating your loved one’s life in a truly unique and meaningful way.


Tapper Funeral Services

Steve Richards, celebrant