Even in farewells, there’s room for individuality and a touch of joy.

Green’s Carriage Masters, an independent family-run business based in Southeast London, offer a diverse range of services to the funeral trade nationwide, operating one of the largest privately owned fleets of vehicles in the country. As a trusted supplier to numerous funeral directors across the UK, they’re renowned for their expertise and dedication. **These vehicles are available to book through your chosen funeral director……..just ask them.

But they go beyond just transportation; they create experiences. Their team can help you in every aspect of your funeral arranging, whether your requirements are for their modern, traditional black fleet, their modern white alternative or something more unique and personal.

Meet the stars of the show:

Glossy: This sleek Mercedes E211 exudes sophistication with its black alloys and tinted windows, turning heads at every turn. Whether it’s a funeral, a marketing event, or a special occasion, Glossy ensures a memorable journey. Its rear monitors allow for personalized tributes or branding, making it a truly unique choice.

Lady Dorothy Rainbow: A vibrant tribute to life itself, this eye-catching vehicle is swathed in a kaleidoscope of primary colours. Lady Dorothy Rainbow adds a burst of joy to funeral processions, reminding us that even in sorrow, there is beauty.

Tickled Pink: For those who dare to be different, Tickled Pink, a hot pink Mercedes hearse, promises to bring smiles to mourners and passers-by alike. It’s a bold statement, a celebration of life that refuses to conform to expectations.

Leopard Print Chic: Unleash your wild side with the Daimler DS420 Leopard print hearse. Inspired by the ocelot’s passion for life, this daring choice pays homage to individuality. As it glides through the streets, it whispers stories of adventure and untamed spirit.

Wavy Jack: Proudly displaying the Union Jack, a symbol of British pride, Wavy Jack is perfect for UK events and remembrance ceremonies. This vehicle bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, standing tall as it honours the past while embracing the future.


Marge: Combining retro charm with practicality, Marge, the Olde English White VW camper van hearse, is a nod to simpler times. In Marge, the departed embark on their final journey with a touch of whimsy, reminiscent of cherished memories made on open roads.

Each vehicle tells a story, reflecting the unique life of the departed. So, the next time you see a funeral procession, look closer. You might just witness a celebration of life, unlike any other.

Green’s Carriage Masters, 25 Fordmill Road, Catford, London. SE6 3JH

Email: office@greenscarriages.com,

020 8695 9500 please note, vehicles are booked through your funeral director only

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