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Mar 12
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Mar 05
Even in farewells, there’s room for individuality and a touch of joy.

Green’s Carriage Masters, an independent family-run business based in Southeast London, offer a diverse range of services to the funeral trade nationwide, operating one of the largest privately owned fleets of vehicles in the country. As a trusted supplier to numerous funeral directors across the UK, they’re renowned for their expertise and dedication. **These vehicles […]

Feb 29
Funeral Directions Review – Harbour View

Crematorium and Woodland Burial Ground, Lytchett Minster, DorsetTapper Funeral Service – Steve Richards, Celebrant A Haven of Peace and RespectHaving recently attended the funeral of a great friend here, I wanted to congratulate Tapper Funeral Directors, for the excellent service and setting and Steve Richards, celebrant, officiating the ceremony . Harbour View truly is a […]

Sep 29
Planning for your “after-death” financial future is an act of love and responsibility towards your family.

Article by VKPFA Death is an inevitable part of life, and while it’s not a topic we like to dwell on, planning for the financial well-being of our loved ones after we’re gone is an essential responsibility. Forward-thinking and proactive financial planning can ease the burden on your family during a difficult time and ensure […]

Sep 25
Funeral Directions Welcomes “Singers for Funerals”

🎶Funeral Directions Welcomes “Singers for Funerals” to our End of Life Planning Platform!🎶 At Funeral Directions, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support during challenging times, and we are delighted to introduce “Singers for Funerals,” a remarkable duo with a vast repertoire and unparalleled experience. With nearly 500 funerals under their belt, “Singers for Funerals” […]

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Aug 30
The Role of a Funeral Celebrant: Guiding Light in Times of Loss

Losing a loved one is intensely challenging, touching us all. In these tough times, a compassionate guide offers solace. This is where Funeral Celebrants flourish – arranging ceremonies to honour the departed and provide comfort, regardless of beliefs. They weave personal narratives, crafting comforting ceremonies that celebrate unique lives. Gathering memories and anecdotes, they create […]

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Aug 17
Eco Burial Chambers: Redefining Sustainable Funeral Planning

When arranging a funeral, we pay homage to our heritage while considering the planet. So, we welcome Eco Burial Chambers as an innovator in eco-friendly burial choices that resonate with ancestral legacies and environmental consciousness. When funeral planning, two concerns might intertwine: upholding family traditions and minimising our environmental impact. This enterprise addresses both, through […]

Jul 17
The 9AM Funeral: A cost efficient way of Embracing Tradition with Flexibility and Meaningful Gatherings

In an era where affordable direct cremations have gained popularity, there’s a growing movement in the United Kingdom that challenges the idea of sacrificing tradition and personal connection for simplicity. Enter the 9AM funeral — an innovative approach that combines the best of both worlds. It offers unlimited attendees, a full family-led service, and upholds […]

Jul 14
Elevating Funeral Catering with Pre-Packaged Delights

Introducing BuffetBoxOnline, a UK wide buffet catering service offering pre-packaged catering boxes for funeral events. With their user-friendly website, diverse menu options, and commitment to quality, they simplify the process of arranging funeral catering. When planning a funeral, convenience is key. Their user-friendly website allows you to effortlessly order pre-packaged catering boxes for your event. […]