Eco Burial Chambers: Redefining Sustainable Funeral Planning

When arranging a funeral, we pay homage to our heritage while considering the planet. So, we welcome Eco Burial Chambers as an innovator in eco-friendly burial choices that resonate with ancestral legacies and environmental consciousness.

When funeral planning, two concerns might intertwine: upholding family traditions and minimising our environmental impact. This enterprise addresses both, through inventive solutions.
Collaborating closely with cemeteries, Eco Burial Chambers™ employs modern technology and eco-materials to create burial solutions. These options enable pre-purchase of single or multi-plot internment spaces, even where space is limited.

Founder Alexander Morgan’s vision goes beyond burials, “We create above ground burial chambers, using the latest eco-concrete technology with 20% environmentally friendly recycled plastic content. Finished by our traditional stone masons. Eco Burial chambers are creating more burial spaces in the UK while also using recycle plastics in their structures. Eco and Sustainable”
By incorporating recycled plastics, the company bolsters sustainability, contributing to waste reduction and a greener future.

Local authorities seeking burial space solutions, cemetery estates striving for efficient infrastructure, and funeral services aiming to fulfil eco-conscious demands all benefit from this approach. Families, too, can secure internment spaces despite spatial constraints.

Consumer willingness to invest in sustainability spans generations. This demand has propelled brands like Patagonia and Levi’s to champion eco-consciousness. Eco Burial Chambers™ aligns with this trend, expanding funeral options to accommodate diverse budgets and preferences.

Harnessing cutting-edge eco-concrete technology, Eco Burial Chambers™ integrates 20% recycled plastic. Traditional craftsmanship ensures elegance. The company’s reputation for excellent customer service shines through its headstone monument projects.

With over two decades in the memorial industry, founder Alexander Morgan brings expertise. By utilizing eco cement enriched with recycled polypropylene, their structures expand interment space while minimizing the carbon footprint.

The use of Greenwich Hanson Eco Cement Plus, significantly reducing carbon emissions, combined with recycled plastic polypropylene, showcases their commitment to progress. This Eco Mortar innovation, born from winning the Innovate UK Transformative Technologies competition, promises sustainability both locally and globally.

In the union of mortality and sustainability, Eco Burial Chambers™ takes the lead. By offering innovative burial solutions, it underscores that tradition and progress can coexist. As we honour those who have passed, we also honour the Earth – leaving a legacy that embraces both heritage and environmental stewardship.