Why put a QR code on an Order of Service? Answer: Information, convenience and ease of donation:

Mourners at funerals or celebrations of life are typically emotional and have the intention to donate but may not have the time or inclination to visit the full charity website during the service.

 So a funeraldirections.com QR code offers a prompt and seamless solution. By simply scanning the code with their smartphone, they can be quickly directed to a concise summary of the charity’s work and the charity’s own donation link.

A Funeral Directions Webpage offers so much more than “just a link” to a giving site.

Taking away the obstacle of having to navigate a full-on website, the QR code encourages immediate action and can significantly increase the number of donations received by the chosen charity.

The webpage can efficiently showcase photos, messages, and information about the charity’s work, further connecting the donor to the individual being remembered.

The advantages of using FuneralDirections.com for a charity webpage:

Firstly, it’s FREE: FuneralDirections.com offer free webpages for any charity, eliminating financial barriers for smaller organizations.

The platform is designed for ease of use, allowing charities to quickly create and promote their existing donation links, ensuring peace of mind for both donors and charities.


The platform offers support to ensure a smooth experience for both families and charities.

So, incorporating a QR code on the order of service, linked to a dedicated charity donation page on FuneralDirections.com provides a convenient, meaningful, and impactful way for mourners to honour the deceased while supporting causes close to their hearts.

Action:  Quite simply, to set up your charity webpage go to Business Listing Information (funeraldirections.com) and click on “Sign Up” then choose the “Charity” icon  (You might need to register first)

Additional points for families using the charity’s QR code;

  1. Clearly communicate the charity’s name and purpose on the funeral order of service to encourage scanning the QR code.
  2. Ensure the QR code is high-quality and easily scannable for various smartphone models.
  3. Consider including a brief message alongside the QR code, encouraging attendees to donate if they feel moved to do so.

By taking these steps, you can use the power of technology to create a meaningful donation experience for mourners, benefiting both the chosen charity and honouring the memory of the deceased.