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Mar 12
Become an author…….. Help us, to help you, help them

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Feb 05
The Problem with a Power of Attorney!

A crucial piece of advice is missing from professional guidance surrounding the Finance and Property Power of Attorney (POA) use. While POAs are meant to offer peace of mind and assistance, a significant roadblock can arise during emergencies. Financial institutions, particularly banks can take up to 10 days to recognise appointed Attorneys, even with a […]

Aug 17
Exploring Prepaid Funeral Plans

Regulated pre-paid funeral plan companies in the United Kingdom, number more than 20, with a multitude of options available for individuals seeking to plan ahead for their end-of-life arrangements.Notable names include: In the following review, we focus on standard plans from various providers, intending to provide brief insights without favouring any particular company.The aim is […]

Jul 11
“What’s the difference between a website and a platform?

Well, it’s like comparing a single cupcake to an entire bakery.” Websites and platforms play different roles in the online world. A website is like a digital destination where you can find information about a specific organisation, product, or service. In contrast, a platform goes beyond information and offers an interactive space where you can […]

May 31
Why promote on third party sites, McDonalds do!

McDonald’s promotes itself with Uber Eats and Just Eat. Major companies with substantial marketing budgets and extensive websites also use offshoot websites to promote themselves because it helps them reach more people and target specific groups. By partnering with these delivery platforms, the likes of McDonald’s can get its food to more customers who prefer […]

May 25
New Additions

Funeral Directions are thrilled to highlight two new members of our directories: Bristol Wills and Estate Planning, and Prince Stonemasons. These businesses bring their unique expertise to cater to diverse needs and make the pre-need and funeral planning journey even more special. Bristol Wills and Estate Planning is all about making sure final wishes are […]

Apr 19
Not sure how to pay for a Funeral? Consider borrowing..

Borrowing to pay for a funeral is becoming an increasingly common solution for families who are facing financial difficulties at a challenging time. According to recent studies, 19% of families experience financial concerns when it comes to paying for a funeral, needing to find around £2000 extra to cover all the costs. Many find the […]

Apr 18
Space Burials with Aura

In a daring and extraordinary fashion, Aura Flights takes on the task of scattering the ashes of loved ones in the vast expanse of space. Their cutting-edge technology allows individuals to release the remains of their loved ones high above the earth, using a spacecraft lifted by a hydrogen-filled balloon. With precision and grace, the […]

Mar 10
Funeral Directors – vive la difference

If you are in the funeral business, it’s highly likely that you are on two or three business directories under the banner of “Funeral Director”. To all intents and purposes that’s probably the two words you would use to describe your business. But given the chance to expand that narrative, I’m sure you would widen […]