Funeral Directors – vive la difference

If you are in the funeral business, it’s highly likely that you are on two or three business directories under the banner of “Funeral Director”.

To all intents and purposes that’s probably the two words you would use to describe your business. But given the chance to expand that narrative, I’m sure you would widen the explanation of your services.

You might describe yourself as a Traditional Funeral Director providing the usual arrangements, and assistance. Alternatively, are you a non-traditional service catering to specific needs and preferences; arranging unique ceremonies, distinctive transport, personalized caskets, and unusual burial options?

Perhaps you see yourself as Green funeral directors delivering environmentally friendly funeral services that focus on reducing the carbon footprint of the industry and using natural burial practices.

And, maybe you are a Community funeral director supporting low-cost funeral services, working with local organizations and charities to offer discounts for families in need.

In fact, you might be a medley of all of the above, but for the purposes of ”The Directory” you’re just a Funeral Director!

So what do the directories say about you? Address, telephone, email and perhaps a star rating or a description made up for you? Are the cost comparison directories endorsing the budget plan over service?

The CMA Order of 2021 ordered that Standard Prices and additional costs must be displayed on the premises and on the website.abbr. The guidance of January 2023 made it clear that as long as there is a link back any additional online presence doesn’t require repetition.

So, EXPAND the NARRATIVE, gives funeral directors an opportunity to sell their service, experience, know-how and skill with a bespoke webpage, written by you and for you.

“”long live the difference.” I use the phrase to celebrate and embrace diversity, uniqueness, and individuality. In this instance a call to recognize and appreciate the differences between businesses, customer service and pricing.

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