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Feb 05
The Problem with a Power of Attorney!

A crucial piece of advice is missing from professional guidance surrounding the Finance and Property Power of Attorney (POA) use. While POAs are meant to offer peace of mind and assistance, a significant roadblock can arise during emergencies. Financial institutions, particularly banks can take up to 10 days to recognise appointed Attorneys, even with a […]

Dec 31
Remembering the Stars: Notable Figures We Lost in 2023

As 2023 draws to a close and we start the New Year, 2024, we take a moment to remember and honour the lives of the celebrities and notable figures who have left us. Their contributions to the world of art, entertainment, politics, and more have left indelible marks on our culture and history. Celebrated in […]

Nov 01
It Makes Sense to Talk About This: Remembering Matthew Perry

The passing of Matthew Perry is a poignant reminder that loss affects us not only when we lose loved ones but also when celebrities we’ve grown to know and love pass away. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling and the connections we forge with the characters and actors that touch our lives. It’s […]

Sep 29
Planning for your “after-death” financial future is an act of love and responsibility towards your family.

Article by VKPFA Death is an inevitable part of life, and while it’s not a topic we like to dwell on, planning for the financial well-being of our loved ones after we’re gone is an essential responsibility. Forward-thinking and proactive financial planning can ease the burden on your family during a difficult time and ensure […]

Jun 22
How Funeral Directors Embrace Shrinkflation to Aid the Bereaved: Shrinking Costs, Expanding Compassion

How Funeral Directors Embrace Shrinkflation to Aid the Bereaved: Shrinking Costs, Expanding Compassion When it comes to the funeral industry, funeral directors are finding ways to reduce costs to help the bereaved. It’s not necessarily the same as shrinkflation, which is all about reducing the size of a product while keeping the price the same […]

Jun 21
Exploring Direct cremation, the full Monty, and all-inclusive farewells

When it comes to life’s experiences, we all have our preferences. Picture this: the full English breakfast with its delicious eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, tomatoes, and toast—simply mouth watering. Or imagine an all-inclusive holiday, where everything from accommodation to meals and activities is taken care of. These experiences offer a complete and extravagant package. Now, […]

Jun 20
A Gentle Reminder to Navigate Life’s Challenges

In the midst of life’s ups and downs, we often seek solace and inspiration to guide us through difficult moments. One unexpected source of comfort lies within the palm of our hands: our smartphones. Beyond their standard practical functionalities, our phones can become beacons of hope, reminder of strength, resilience, and the beautiful memories we […]

May 31
Why promote on third party sites, McDonalds do!

McDonald’s promotes itself with Uber Eats and Just Eat. Major companies with substantial marketing budgets and extensive websites also use offshoot websites to promote themselves because it helps them reach more people and target specific groups. By partnering with these delivery platforms, the likes of McDonald’s can get its food to more customers who prefer […]

May 29
Social Media after death

Ever wondered what happens to your social media accounts, like Facebook, after you pass away? In today’s digital age, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become an integral part of our lives, connecting us with others. But have you considered what happens to these accounts when we’re no longer here? Recognizing the significance […]