In a daring and extraordinary fashion, Aura Flights takes on the task of scattering the ashes of loved ones in the vast expanse of space. Their cutting-edge technology allows individuals to release the remains of their loved ones high above the earth, using a spacecraft lifted by a hydrogen-filled balloon. With precision and grace, the ashes are scattered in a gentle cascade as the craft reaches the pinnacle of its ascent.

Every flight is dedicated to a single passenger or couple, and the ashes are set free to travel the world over the next six months, touching every corner of the globe. As time passes, they make their way back to the earth, falling as raindrops and snowflakes.

The spacecraft is equipped with cameras that capture every moment of the launch, ascent, and release. This footage is then transformed into a personalized memorial video, a powerful tribute to the departed loved one.

For a price less than the average traditional funeral, Aura Flights offers an awe-inspiring and unforgettable way to commemorate the life of a loved one. With a sense of wonder and reverence, they bring together the beauty of space and the memories of those who have passed, creating a lasting tribute that will endure for generations.

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