Why promote on third party sites, McDonalds do!

McDonald’s promotes itself with Uber Eats and Just Eat.

Major companies with substantial marketing budgets and extensive websites also use offshoot websites to promote themselves because it helps them reach more people and target specific groups.

By partnering with these delivery platforms, the likes of McDonald’s can get its food to more customers who prefer ordering in. Plus, collaborating with offshoot websites like Uber Eats and Just Eat exposes McDonald’s to new audiences. For instance, families might usually order Chinese, Indian or Pizza but seeing a Big Tasty® with Bacon and Halloumi Fries on the delivery platform, might just change their minds.

Just as McDonald’s reaches more customers by partnering with food delivery platforms, having a webpage on funeraldirections.com expands your reach to a wider audience actively seeking information about funeral planning, “at need” and post-death administration services.

Taking a webpage on funeraldirections.com provides expanded reach, targeted marketing, strategic partnerships, customer convenience, and exposure to new audiences—just like McDonald’s benefits from promoting on food delivery platforms. It’s an opportunity to effectively extend your visibility in the end-of-life planning and funeral marketplace.

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