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Digital portal to the past helps remember loved ones

Families will be able to access a digital history of their loved ones with the launch of a unique tribute service that opens a portal to the past.

Building on the traditional online dedications and memorials, Hertfordshire based, Your Loving Memory, has gone a step further with a resource designed for the digital age.

Its unique features – including embedded QR codes on a headstone – are designed to appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy generation.

Paul Fegan, managing director, said: “It is a disturbing thought that the majority of what we know and experience in our lives is lost when we die.

“I want us to be able to provide an alternative that allows future generations to be able to easily take a look into the past to learn about their ancestors.”

The YLM-Tributes platform will be a collaborative space for families and friends to come together to remember the person they love through stories, photos, videos and memories.

Simply by scanning an embedded QR code on a headstone or plaque, users will instantly open a portal to a tribute of the person it is dedicated to, enabling a park bench to tell a story or a place of remembrance to revive the history of a person’s achievements.

“I created a digital tribute for my father David to preserve his memory, I didn’t want to condemn his life to a photo album and a few cine-films tucked away in the loft.

“Now everyone I know and share it with wants one for a family member or friend.

“Our team will liaise with customers to create a fitting tribute with images, videos, poems and memories. And you don’t need to wait until someone has passed before starting to build up the content.


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Your Loving Memory Online Digital Tribute allows you to bring
together and share all the memories, stories, achievements and
parting thoughts from loved ones in one simple, accessible place
that allows your memory to live on. This mirror into the past is a
portal that can be viewed in the palm of your hand wherever and
whenever you want.
Don’t let you past die with you, wisdom is such a rare and precious
commodity that it should be shared with the rest of the world

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