Planning a Funeral checklist

Whether you are planning your Funeral for the future or arranging a Funeral because of the loss of a loved one there are things that you may need to think about and consider.

None of us like to think about our own funeral. But the truth is, planning ahead can really ease the burden on your loved ones at a difficult time.

Following our 12 step guide couldn’t be easier to ensure that you follow the right stages and ensure you have thought about everything.

The process of arranging or planning a Funeral is the same whether you have just lost someone or if the Funeral is your future plan, although some steps can be missed if it is yours for the future.

Funeral Arrangements Checklist

  1. 1. Start planning – are there Funeral instructions written in the deceased’s will.
  2. 2. Check how the funeral will be paid for (whether by a funeral plan or other means).
  3. 3. Ask for support from family members.
  4. 4. Consider hiring a Funeral Director.
  5. 5. Choose a burial, cremation, or direct cremation.
  6. 6. Decide on the coffin.
  7. 7. Work out how much the funeral will cost.
  8. 8. Choose the type of funeral service.
  9. 9. Arrange a venue and date.
  10. 10. Organise funeral transport.
  11. 11. Create or purchase an order of service.
  12. 12. Consider whether to opt for flowers or donations.
  13. 13. Pick the funeral music and readings.
  14. 14. Book a venue for the wake.
  15. 15. Decide on catering for the wake.
  16. 16. Invite those who will be attending.

The details above are the bare basics of the Funeral and Wake. There are many extras that can be considered such a Singers, Memorials, and adding all sorts of modern extras and/or alternatives. Have a look at our Resources, Articles and Business Directory for some ideas of great ways to send off a loved one.