After the funeral the real work begins for the estate executor! But there’s more to it than just distributing the estate according to the Last Will and Testament.

  • Who will look after the deceased’s pet?
  • How is the deceased’s property kept up during the probate process?
  • Who gets the car (often not detailed in the will!)
  • Which charity shop accepts electrical items?

And………… are these even the responsibility of the Executor? I can’t see many probate solicitors popping round to walk the dog or mow the lawn!

When someone dies there are so many unthought of things that need to be done.

At we hope to have the answers, helpful guides and links to local companies that will help out in difficult times.

From Funeral Directors to Dog Services, Florists and Caterers to House Cleaners and Probate Specialists is adding webpages on it’s site for every eventuality.

Whether you have your own website or not, get a web page to help those who have lost a loved one and advertise your services.