Tradition to Innovation – Choosing a Funeral Type

From Tradition to Innovation: There are certainly advantages to using an established traditional funeral director but………there are also some unique benefits to using a new innovative funeral business.

New funeral businesses to the marketplace are showing more innovation and adaptability to new trends and technologies. They’re open to using new digital tools; online memorial pages and video tributes, that help to create a personalized and meaningful funeral service experience, especially important for those looking for a modern and unique approach to honouring their loved ones.

They may be willing to go “above and beyond” to meet the needs of their clients. Why? because they are building their reputation and trying to establish themselves in the industry, creating a more positive and personalized experience for clients looking for a funeral director who is attentive to their needs and preferences.

Picking three companies that excel in offering modern, innovative and personalised funeral services is not difficult:

* Poppy’s Funerals – based in London, offer a modern and compassionate approach to funerals.

* The Individual Funeral Company – is an Oxford-based funeral director focussing on creating a meaningful and individual service that reflects the life of the deceased.

* Leeds-based Full Circle Funerals – have a focus on personalisation and provide support and guidance to families in arranging a meaningful funeral service.

Cost-wise, a contemporary business may be more affordable than an old established funeral director while they build their customer base and reputation. They may offer more competitive pricing and flexible payment plans than their established counterparts, especially important for clients who are on a tight budget or looking for ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of the funeral service. understands the advantages of the old established funeral director, used by generation after generation, but we also believe that new leading-edge businesses offer benefits that set them apart; innovative, motivated, affordable, and collaborative, providing a positive and personalized experience for their clients. is creating it’s directory of funeral directors.

Quite simply we want a useful and unusual planning services for our pre and at need visitors and as a social enterprise business we just ask for a contribution to our running costs with no contractual obligation. Just 5.99 per month for a bit of extra online presence.

We are keen to build a bank of businesses serving local communities from independent companies or networks. Would this fit in with your business plan?