Lost an Heir? Let Experts Help You Trace Them

Lost an Heir? Dealing with Probate? Let Experts Help You Trace Them

Probate family tracing services can simplify complex probate matters by locating missing heirs and beneficiaries, ensuring the deceased’s wishes are carried out.

Using a probate family tracing service can save a great deal of time and heartache for those responsible for administering an estate. It can also provide peace of mind for loved ones, knowing that the estate is being distributed in accordance with the wishes of the deceased person.

FindUKPeople provides help to those trying to locate missing heirs and beneficiaries. They have a team of experienced investigators and genealogists using a range of sources to trace people; specialist technology, electoral rolls, credit databases, and social media. Their probate tracing services are always offered on a no trace no fee basis but with a 98% success rate that’s a guarantee they can afford to give.

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Finders International also have a team of probate researchers and genealogists who are experts at tracking down missing heirs. They additionally offer a range of other probate services; asset tracing, will searches, and as the name suggests international probate assistance.

Tracing costs can start from around £130 for a simple or basic service but can move to over a thousand pounds if things get more complicated.

Whoever you use do check if there’s a no find – no fee policy like the one offered by findukpeople.

When it comes to probate family tracing services, there are options available to simplify complex matters, however difficult or distant they may be.
Don’t let the daunting task of locating missing heirs overwhelm you, call in the experts.