We need you! Independent & Dignity Funeral Directors

Are you an Independent or Dignity Funeral Director?

Are you based in the UK?

Funeral Directions needs you!

Funeral Directions is a new online platform that helps families and individuals coping with loss, dealing with Funerals and managing the estate after death. Our platform covers everything that someone will need during the whole process of loss and future death planning.

Why do we need you?

We have relaunched our platform and rebranded. Funeral Directions has been around since 2008 and helping connect people that need help. We have rebranded and redesigned our site to offer more information and the best possible service. As a result of GDPR and other data protection changes our site has had to start again from the ground up.

We are building out the site and want to include all UK funeral directors. We have 10 FREE trials to offer 10 individual companies across the UK and want to include yours.

Reach out to us via our contact page and we will give you the details and get you onboard!