Funeral Directions: A platform to help

As census statistics go, I find these quite unsettling.

There are around 12 million 40 to 54 year olds in the UK, many of whom work in Professional Occupations, Senior Management, Company Directorships and so on.

Data suggests that between age 45 and 54 around half will lose their father. Similarly, a third will lose their mother.

Having vast business experience and at a particularly demanding time in their working life, the death of a parent is often the first time they have had to organise a funeral and deal with the probate arrangements after the passing of a loved one. aims to provide a one stop platform, providing information, guidance and support.

With the help of our business directories we hope to give assistance to those who are experiencing the emotional difficulties of dealing with all aspects after the death of a Parent, sibling or close friend.

If you have a business that helps people, please register and join others in our directories.