“Grandad, what’s an Obit-u-ary?”

 “Grandad, what’s an Obit-u-ary?”……..

Of course grandad knows but how do you explain it to a 7-10 year old?

Grandad’s reply, “It’s a message in a newspaper or on a website that tells people that someone has passed away. It usually tells about the person’s life and how much they meant to their family and friends. It also says when and where the funeral will be.”

Funeral Directions have published their first “Funeral terms and End of Life expressions Glossary for younger children (generally primary school age) for use by Teachers, Parents and of course Grandparents.


It’s currently tucked away in our resources section, but as we build on our “teachers pack” it will have a more prominent place on the website.

Please let us know what you think and add some examples to the comments.

For instance : “Passed away” is a phrase that means someone has died. It’s a way to talk about someone who is no longer with us.