Protecting Privacy: Why Shred Your Phone

“Protecting Privacy and Peace of Mind: Why Shredding Your Phone Can Ease the Emotional Burden on Your Loved Ones”

For some people, the idea of their loved ones going through their personal belongings, including their mobile phone, can be emotionally distressing. Shredding the phone can prevent this from happening and alleviate any potential stress or discomfort for family members or friends.

Quite simply writing the following in your last will and testament should be enough for the executors to take the appropriate action:

“I direct that my mobile phone be securely destroyed after my death, without any attempt to delete or remove any personal or other data from the device prior to destruction. It is my express wish that all information and data contained within the device be destroyed without access or use by any person or entity.”

However, in some cases, there may be a legal or practical reason why certain provisions of a will cannot be carried out exactly as written.

A Spokesperson for Assured Security Shredding Ltd said that their team of experts ensures that their practices meet all of the latest regulations and best practices when it comes to data protection and destruction.
They said, the only way to fully protect sensitive data is to physically destroy the mobile handset and any unused SIM cards, and as specialists in data destruction and mobile shredding services, they are able to fully destroy mobile phones.

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