Should smaller charities be chasing Will bequests and Legacies?

The ONS stated over 689,000 uk deaths in 2020 and according to published statistics less than 1 in 10 left money to charity.

So is it worth chasing this source of income?……….Probably!

40% of deaths resulted in Probate, that’s 275000.
16% of those estates listed charities, either as bequests or residual beneficiaries, that’s 44,000.
In fact the average number of charities mentioned per will was 3.3
With me so far?

If the average residual bequest in 2020 was £50,000 then 44,000 times is £2.2Bn (£2,200,000,000)! believes that smaller, local charities should be pushing for a slice of the 2 billion pound cake and we offer FREE LISTING on our website for fundraisers to promote themselves.

Of the 150,000+ charities in the UK, 97% of them are small. But they’re at the heart of communities; doing incredible work, sometimes with little acknowledgement.

In 2020, four charities in the UK received over £1.1Bn between them;
The British Red Cross received £220 million,
Cancer Research UK received £527 million,
Macmillan Cancer Support received £256 million, and
Oxfam received £168 million.
And, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is quoted as saying that Legacies fund over 40% of their work.

By 2030, legacies are expected to rise to £5Bn per year;  lets help to build stronger communities, and support unique and specific causes.