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At Woodland Burial Company we provide bespoke, lasting and private resting places where you can bury your loved one, or inter their ashes. Reflecting on your memories in peace.

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated family nook, want to plant a tree, or simply wish to find a place for the interment of your ashes, With the Woodland Burial Company, you can find a range of flexible and bespoke options to suit your situation. You will chose your area on a walk around with a member of the team.

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We understand how important it is to find a resting place that can be visited for generations to come, which is why we promise that all of our woodlands are protected for a minimum of 199 years.

How can we make this promise? It’s simple: every time someone chooses to rest their loved one with us, a percentage of our fee is paid into the Woodland Burial Trust, to ensure the woodland’s continued conservation.

This means that you’ll never have to worry about our woodlands being redeveloped and can rest assured that your loved one’s home will always be theirs. What’s more, unlike other alternative funeral or burial options or green burial sites, once you’ve chosen your plot, it will always be yours, and we’ll never ask you for a renewal fee.

Our woodlands are managed, not manicured, and designed to ensure the conservation of a habitat where new life can grow, and where you can experience them as nature intended. We only select woodlands that will benefit from our planting, and all of the trees we plant are native to the woodlands and beneficial to the existing habitat.

Did you know?

Choosing to plant a tree for your loved one has many environmental benefits, including offsetting the CO2 produced by cremation.

Unlike many companies, we will never exploit the CO2 offset created by your plot by selling it on to third parties; all CO2 offset will remain with you.


We have listed our brochure, prices and legacy additions for you to download at your leisure, or do come and visit.

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