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The role of the advocate depends on your situation and the guidance you want. But they are there to support your choices.


We will:

• listen to your views and concerns and highlight areas of shortfall.

• help you explore your options and the services available to you.

• provide information to help you make informed decisions.

• help you contact relevant service companies or contact them on your behalf.

• facilitate and support you in meetings, appointments and financial administration.

The support of a financial advocate may be particularly useful in meetings when you might not feel confident representing yourself.


We can:

• ensure you raise all the questions you want to ask.

• make sure all the points you want covered are examined.

• explain your options and help you prioritise your course of action.


We will:

• gather and present up to date and accurate information to help you,

• listen to you and discuss your options without imposing views or opinions.

• channel your wishes, views and requested instruction, without filtering them.

• talk to and correspond with family members or other professionals with your permission but.

• represent your expressed views and wishes.

• agree a plan of action and identify outcomes and timescales.


Ultimately, give you the opportunity to make your own informed choices about your

finances and financial products.

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VKPFA supports our customers with all aspects of finance as well as planning for a funeral or dealing with the estate or finance after the passing of a loved one.  Our services are adaptable to your unique situation and we can guide you to find the desired and correct outcome you need.

  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Services
  • Power of Attorney
  • Probate Services
  • Will Writing
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