Is the celebrity death prank trend on TikTok crossing a line?

A viral prank that’s been going around social media lately has been causing a lot of drama. Basically, people film someone (usually a parent) and tell them that a celebrity they like has died.

This prank started around Christmas and has continued into the new year. At first, a lot of people thought it was funny, but as it’s gone on, more and more people are calling it distasteful and saying it needs to stop.

Recently, the son of Angela Bassett and Courtney B Vance did a version of the prank where he told his mom that Michael B Jordan had died, and that really upset a lot of people because Jordan and Bassett had worked together and she knew him personally. Vance apologized and took the video down, but the damage was already done and now a lot of people are saying this “celebrity death prank” trend needs to end for good. Some people are even saying it’s going too far and is just plain mean.