Thank you CLKHair of Reading Berkshire. Apparently it’s not unusual to receive urgent requests for appointments, from the bereaved, when there is a funeral to attend.

While the clothing you wear at the funeral is important to show respect to the family and the person who died, paying attention to your hair is just as important. 

As is the case at any formal event, your overall look is what will determine whether you are appropriately dressed. So, making sure that your hair is in keeping with the rest of your outfit is worth spending some time and thought on. 

Men should rarely do anything unusual for their hair at a funeral, though it is always good to spend a little more time on it before heading out the door. If you have shorter hair, then your normal work style is suitable enough. A man with long hair might want to wear it back in a ponytail and facial hair should be well groomed and clean. 

Unconventional styles should be minimized. No coloured spikey mohawks and avoid using too much product or excessively styling your hair. 

These days it’s not usual to wear any sort of hat and beyond the core advice, men should dress their hair to fit the overall mood and tone of the funeral. 

It can be more difficult for women to dress up their hair in these situations than it is for men. 

As is true of the general outfit for a funeral, with regards to hair, business casual is generally best. Women can choose to have their hair up or down, as long as it is clean and neat. 

Classic and timeless styles of hair often look better for funerals avoiding tacky hair clips or anything too flowery, glitzy or glam. Play it safe on this day and steer clear of vibrant colours or extreme hairstyles. 

Hats may be worn at outdoor funerals, but they need to be solemn and non-descript. If any memorial services are held inside, it’s unlikely that you will be requested to remove your headgear, however, be prepared with your hair to handle this possibility. And, although a veil might conjure up feelings of mourning in bygone times, try to avoid looking too dramatic and showy. 

Kids generally have a little bit more discretion in terms of what they can wear to the funeral, and their hair is no different. As long as you avoid cheesy hairstyles with complicated embellishments, they should do just fine. A neat ponytail or plait works fine on young girls, and most boys can get by with any styling they already have.

Attributed to Christianne King, hairstylist. Formerly of Toni and Guy (Mayfair Salon). Christianne is Salon Based in Berkshire and has Private Home styling clients across Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.