Renting a coffin , the eco-friendly & cost-efficient alternative

Is that even possible in the UK!………..It is if you visit Sophia at Woven Farewell Coffins.

Sophia has been quoted as saying that in America, rental coffins are more mainstream, but we don’t have this culture in the UK…….yet. It requires a mind-shift on a taboo subject, as well as greater awareness of hygiene standards and how the aesthetics work – so people feel they can trust something new. (credit Tracie Beardsley, The BV Magazine, A greener goodbye)

So how does it work? Well, each rental coffin comes with a removable cardboard insert that’s lined with cotton and biodegradable plastic. The person who’s passed away is placed in the cardboard insert, which is cremation-certified, and never actually touches the coffin. At the committal, the foot end panel of the coffin is removed, and the cardboard insert is easily slid out for cremation or burial. Then, the rental coffin is returned to Woven Farewell Coffins or the funeral director you rented it from.

In the past, traditional coffins have been made from non-renewable materials, used once and then “discarded”, contributing to environmental pollution. By renting a coffin, you can reuse the same product multiple times, reducing manufacturing processes.

As the cost of living crisis continues, some families are looking for ways to bring down the price of the funeral. By renting a beautiful, hand-crafted willow coffin, families can enjoy a high-quality product without worrying about the cost and in a world where we’re all trying to use less, rental coffins are a great option compared to disposable products.

As for hygiene and aesthetics, there’s nothing to worry about. The person who’s passed away never touches the coffin, so the highest hygiene standards are maintained. Plus, rental coffins are sanitized between funerals for extra precaution. So with each rental coffin limited to just 10 uses, you can be sure that it’ll always look beautiful.

Sophia’s design has a collapsible willow foot panel with a removable cardboard coffin – probably the first of its kind in the world. She’s also working on a willow canopy to go over the cardboard coffin so that it can be lifted off and reused many times.

To purchase a Woven Farewell Coffin you’ll pay £800 at the top end, but the website quotes just £250 for rental; a saving of over five hundred pounds and of course a noteworthy boost to the environmental cause.

If you want to rent a willow coffin, just tell your funeral director that you’d like to use a Woven Farewell rental coffin, and they’ll take care of the rest. You can also visit their website here –