Online Guided Process

'Planning ahead'

Whether you are planning your Funeral for the future or arranging a Funeral because of the loss of a loved one there are things that you may need to think about and consider.

None of us like to think about our own funeral. But the truth is, planning ahead can really ease the burden on your loved ones at a difficult time.

Following our online guide couldn’t be easier to ensure that you follow the right stages and ensure you have thought about everything.

Step 1: Start planning

The thought of a time when we won’t be here may be something we prefer to avoid. Nevertheless, it’s important to consider and prepare for the future by making decisions and plans in advance.

You need to think about a variety of different things:

Making a Will

Power of Attorney

Care & Support

Advance directives – Medical treatment consent

Funeral Wishes & Plans

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Estate Planning

Donations – Medical or Financial

Step 2: Making a Will

The average UK Funeral cost in 2021 was £4,056

When planning for a Funeral there maybe many things that you might want to consider or include.  At the very least a Funeral should include the following:

Funeral Director’s fees (if appointed)

Doctor’s fees

Clergy or Officiate Fees

The Coffin

Crematorium or Burial fees

You may want to consider optional extras, like:

A Memorial



Or other additional items

You can consider a Funeral Director, consider a pre-paid plan or DIY it.

Step 3: Power of Attorney

  • Bereavement Register and Deceased Preference Service to remove the deceased’s name from mailing lists and databases
  • Clubs, trade unions, associations with seasonal membership for cancellation and refunds
  • Church/regular place of worship
  • Social groups to which the deceased belonged
  • Dentist
  • Creditors – anyone to whom the deceased owed money
  • Debtors – anyone who owed the deceased money

Register with the Bereavement Register