Crying can help us understand and accept the causes of sadness, like the death of a loved one.

Psychologists view crying as a stress and grief relief tool. Crying is also a natural way for your body to work through emotions that might be difficult to cope with otherwise.

Crying is good and can be beneficial to both mind and body. A study found that crying provides soothing effects and releases feel-good hormones. It showed that crying may also boost your mood, thanks to an emotional release and decreased sense of stress. Therefore, crying may help to restore your emotional balance and help your body to heal itself from powerful, complicated emotions.

People associate crying with feeling sad, but actually crying helps to boost your mood, which leaves you better equipped to manage stressful emotion that you encounter. It’s true that crying over things is not going to fix everything, but crying may help you cope with what’s happening, even though it might initially feel uncomfortable and awkward.

Learning why crying is healthy and learning how to accept your emotions, may also help you feel more comfortable about crying.

Although crying does not work for everyone in the grief process, some people find comfort in releasing emotions and they may feel a compulsion to cry frequently. Especially since crying can be draining, and it may happen during times of deep sadness, this does not always feel that good.

When you are feeling unbelievably happy or afraid about something, and cry, that might be the way that your body is healing after experiencing that intense emotion. If you are used to suppressing emotions, letting yourself cry might initially cause anxiety especially if it’s the first time you have allowed your feelings to come out. If you are trying to hold back and feel ashamed of your need to cry, this will have an adverse effect on your mood. It can take several minutes to experience the soothing effects of crying.

Crying helps us to understand and accept the causes of our sadness, like the death of a loved one and can also be helpful for understanding what is important to us.

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