What is the Canine Care Card & why it’s great!

A win-win situation for dogs, dog owners, and something that every dog owner should consider.

The Dogs Trust charity has created a solution to the problems that might be faced following the death of a dog owner: the Canine Care Card.

It’s a simple card that owners carry in their wallet or purse, including information about their dog; name, breed, and any medical conditions they may have.

In the event of the pet owner’s death or incapacity, the card acts to ensure that their dog(s) are cared for by someone who can provide them with the love and attention they need.

The Dogs Trust charity provides the Canine Care Card free of charge across the UK. It’s not legally binding, but it is a useful tool for ensuring that pets are not left alone or taken to a shelter after their owner’s death.

The card encourages dog owners to make formal plans for their dog’s care, by naming a guardian or setting up a trust.

The Canine Care Card has received a lot of positive feedback from pet owners and animal welfare organizations. Many people appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pets will be cared for after they’re gone.

The card also helps to reduce the burden on animal shelters, often overwhelmed with pets that have been left behind after their owners have passed away.

The Dogs Trust charity also offers advice and guidance on pet care and estate planning, with a wealth of resources available on their website, particularly information on how to write a will that includes provisions for pets.

funeraldirections.com believes that the Canine Care Card is an excellent initiative by the Dogs Trust charity, providing pet owners with a simple and effective way to ensure that their pets are cared for after their death. www.dogstrust.org.uk