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Inspirational places to visit or have a Funeral or scatter ashes

When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you where you go

Planning a meaningful farewell for a departed loved one can be a challenging task, requiring support and direction. When it comes to finding the perfect place to hold a funeral or scatter ashes, seeking inspiration can offer solace and valuable guidance.

Ensure you check or obtain for any relevant permissions before scattering ashes in any location.

In Space

Commemorating a life by venturing beyond Earth's boundaries, reaching for the stars.


Ashes sent up in fireworks as part of an amazing display, extremely unique and different tribute to their life.


Raise a glass for your departed loved one, incorporate tasting and send off in style.

Botanical Garden

An exotic location with plants not see all the time. Explore the grounds and experience peace.

Local Park

Celebration of life ceremonies are often performed at parks usually as a fun day including BBQ's or Games.

Sports Venues

Paying tribute to sports enthusiasts in the place they loved most.


Say goodbye in a very unique location and finish the day with attractions or food.

Movie Theater

Watch images, videos of your loved one on a large screen at a funeral or memorial.


Ashes sent up in Balloons or messages sent off as part of an amazing display, unique or different tribute.

Live Stream Funerals

For those that cannot make the funeral or live abroad can access the service via online streaming services.


A service or wake under the stars, a truly unique place for reflection, stories and to celebrate life.

Plan the Funeral

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