Traditional Sites & Places

Inspirational places to visit or have a Funeral or scatter ashes

When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you where you go

Planning a meaningful farewell for a departed loved one can be a challenging task, requiring support and direction. When it comes to finding the perfect place to hold a funeral or scatter ashes, seeking inspiration can offer solace and valuable guidance.

Church Burial

Finding solace in the sacred grounds of a church, providing a final resting place that carries deep spiritual significance, where loved ones can be laid to rest in the embrace of faith and community.


Honouring the departed through cremation offers a way to respectfully and compassionately handle the physical remains, providing families with the flexibility to choose a personalised and meaningful way to scatter or preserve the ashes.

Family Grave

Preserving the bond of kinship and heritage, laying a loved one to rest in a family grave offers a sacred and hallowed space for remembrance, allowing generations to be united in a place where memories and lineage intertwine, creating a lasting tribute to those who came before.


The comfort of the burial rituals without the ecological damage. A Green Cemetery is a burial minus the planet damage.


Many local boating companies offer specific funeral cruises with fairly traditional services included.


Offering a serene farewell amidst the vastness of the ocean from your favourite or meaningful beach.

Local Building

Local places in the community that mean something to you or your loved one is a great alternative.

Your Home

Creating a personal and intimate setting for remembrance and reflection.

Plan the Funeral

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