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When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you where you go

Planning a meaningful farewell for a departed loved one can be a challenging task, requiring support and direction. When it comes to finding the perfect place to hold a funeral or scatter ashes, seeking inspiration can offer solace and valuable guidance.

Ensure you check or obtain for any relevant permissions before scattering ashes in any location.

Church Burial

Finding solace in the sacred grounds of a church, providing a final resting place that carries deep spiritual significance, where loved ones can be laid to rest in the embrace of faith and community.


Honouring the departed through cremation offers a way to respectfully and compassionately handle the physical remains, providing families with the flexibility to choose a personalised and meaningful way to scatter or preserve the ashes.

Family Grave

Preserving the bond of kinship and heritage, laying a loved one to rest in a family grave offers a sacred and hallowed space for remembrance, allowing generations to be united in a place where memories and lineage intertwine, creating a lasting tribute to those who came before.

Your Home

Creating a personal and intimate setting for remembrance and reflection.

National Trust Sites

Celebrating a life within the historical and natural treasures of National Trust locations, honouring the connection between heritage and cherished memories.

At Sea

Offering a serene farewell amidst the vastness of the ocean.

At the Beach

Offering a serene farewell amidst the vastness of the ocean from your favourite or meaningful beach.


Finding solace and serenity amidst breath-taking landscapes.

Sports Venues

Paying tribute to sports enthusiasts in the place they loved most.


Letting the ashes flow or rest peacefully in the embrace of nature's waterways.


Embracing the serenity of nature, allowing loved ones to find eternal peace amidst the gentle whispers of the trees.


Spreading ashes in a place that is close to your family is a modern consideration.

Special Place

If there was a special place that was close to the departed this is a great to consider.


Say goodbye in a very unique location and finish the day with attractions or food.

Historical Building/Mansion

Most towns have historic buildings and mansions that make beautiful event spaces for funeral or wake.

Live Stream Funerals

For those that cannot make the funeral or live abroad can access the service via online streaming services.


The deceased favourite pub or local restaurant is a great place to share stories and a unique send off.


A service or wake under the stars, a truly unique place for reflection, stories and to celebrate life.

Coniston Water

Third largest Lake in the Lake District surrounded by beautiful scenery all year round.

River Mersey

Taking a Ferry across the Mersey is very popular, permission can be obtained. The captain will stop the engines for you.

River Thames

World-famous River with many spots to enjoy a moment alone, Henley offers a great location for Rowers.

Lake Windermere

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River Avon

A beautiful calm & serene location with special cruises available for the purpose of scattering ashes.

New Forest

A mystical and ancient woodland for a unique spiritual and peaful place to lay your loved one to rest.


Secluded and private place to scatter ashes with the ability to visit long after your loved one has gone.

Yorkshire Dales

A quiet location you can walk and enjoy a moment of peace for scattering ashes or visiting after loss.

Ingleton Falls (N.Yorkshire)

A stunning waterfall trail offering various water features. A perfect place to scatter ashes and reflect.

Hatfield Forest

A National Trust location, once a Royal Hunting location with lots of wildlife and nature surrounding you.

Brighton Beach

The rocky beach of Brighton, quiet in the morning with secluded and private areas to scatter ashes before busy periods.

Newquay Beach

A popular location for water sport enthusiasts or surfers, can be a perfect location to scatter ashes.

Bournemouth Beach

The beautiful popular stretch of coastal scenery across the south. Popular for many across the south.

Robin Hood's Bay

Large expansive beach in Yorkshire, local coastal walks could be a great alternative in this location too.

Porthcurno Beach

One of many beautiful locations in Cornwall. Coastal paths would offer many locations for scattering ashes.

The Soulton Long Barrow

In Shropshire is this modern memorial containing hundreds of urns, you can purchase a lease and passed down.

Hardraw Force

Stunning waterfall based on private land (small fee), the largest waterfall in the UK amazing peaceful location.

Hebden Bridge

Amazing views, St Thomas the Apostle Church and many locations to scatter ashes of loved ones.

Lake Windermere

A popular place for ashes, therapeutic location to head into the countryside when you want to enjoy a moment of reflection.

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